Session 1. Setting a Collaborative Agenda

The Invitation, Specificity, and Conceptualization Steps

Session 2. Identifying Outcome Resistance and Increasing Motivation to Change

The Magic Button, The Paradoxical Cost Benefit Analysis, and The Magic Dial

Session 3. Identifying Process Resistance and Increasing Motivation to Do the Work of Therapy

Dangling the Carrot, The Gentle Ultimatum, and Sitting With Open Hands

Learning objectives:
After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the concept of the Invitation Step in TEAM-CBT
  2. Apply the Specificity Step in TEAM-CBT
  3. List two examples of outcome resistance in anxious patients
  4. List two examples of process resistance in depressed patients
  5. Use the “dangling the carrot” technique
  6. Describe the purpose of “sitting with open hands”

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