Session 1. Cognitive Methods for the Treatment of Depression

The Daily Mood Log, Identifying Cognitive Distortions, Examine the Evidence, Be Specific, and Externalization of Voices Technique

Session 2. Exposure Methods for the Treatment of Anxiety

The Fear and Avoidance Hierarchy, Identifying Safety Behaviors, Interoceptive Exposure and Situational Exposure

Session 3. Cognitive and Behavioral Methods for the Treatment of Habits and Addictions

Identifying Tempting Thoughts, The Addiction/Habit Mood Log, The Devil’s Advocate Technique, The Problem Solution Log, and The Accountability Step

Learning objectives:
After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the use of Cognitive Distortions on the Daily Mood Log
  2. Demonstrate the “Examine the Evidence” technique
  3. Describe the rationale for exposure in treating anxiety disorders
  4. Create a Fear and Avoidance Hierarchy
  5. Identify and change Positive Distortions in tempting thoughts in the treatment of habits and addictions
  6. Use the Devil’s Advocate Technique with habits and addictions

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