Session 1. The Building Blocks of Empathy

 The Five Secrets of Effective Communication: Disarming, Thought and Feeling Empathy, Stroking, I Feel Statements, and Inquiry

 Session 2. Connecting with Challenging Patients

 Using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication to connect with challenging patients: The case of the hopeless/angry patient and the sexually provocative patient

 Session 3. Advanced Empathy Techniques

 Bringing attention to the tension in the room: Changing the Focus and Positive Reframing techniques.

Learning objectives:
After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use the disarming technique to de-escalate conflict
  2. Utilize I feel statements
  3. Demonstrate thought and feeling empathy with angry patients
  4. Describe how to empathize with sexually provocative patients
  5. Use inquiry to help your patients say more about their thoughts and feelings
  6. Deliver the “changing the focus” technique to bring awareness to tension during a therapy session

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